Who Am I?

Well I guess I am a normal person, I am not a slim, unrealistically bendy or a muscle defined sports women but I have a normal female body which like anybody has good days and bad days. As I am getting older various bits are creaking and not behaving as I would like, but I feel fit, healthy and strong both in mind and body.

My career so far has been interesting and varied including work as a nurse, lecturer and vice consul working for the Foreign Office.

I have been practicing Pilates for over a decade and it has helped me in so many ways both with conditioning my body, helping me manage my stress and keeping me sane! I am as passionate about Pilates as I am about eating chocolate and drinking wine.

Having chosen Anglesey as home and following the traumatic renovation of our house, I needed a new challenge, this gave me an opportunity to pursue one of my passion so I decided to train as a Modern Pilates teacher. (Couldn’t find any courses on chocolate or wine!).



It certainly was a challenge, the training was hard particular the anatomy and physiology exams, although I had some knowledge from my nursing days my brain felt seriously overloaded. Being taught by physiotherapists and vastly experienced Pilates instructors was invaluable, I loved the teaching and was inspired by the success that is achievable on the rehabilitation side.

I am really enjoying teaching and it is very rewarding to see the progress clients make. It gives me a wonderful sense of achievement when they say they feel so much stronger, or that they can stand up straighter or that their back ache has gone. I am no miracle worker, changes take time, so you have to be patient. I want to inspire people with the same passion for Pilates that I have and help them achieve the same benefits so you can …

… Feel The Difference Others Can See


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