Who Am I?

Well I guess I’m a normal person!  I’m not a slim, unrealistically bendy or a muscle defined sportswoman but have a normal female body which like anybody, has good days and bad days. My career so far has been interesting and varied, including work as a nurse, lecturer and Vice Consul working for the Foreign Office.

Having chosen Anglesey as home and following the traumatic renovation of our house, I needed a new challenge. This gave me an opportunity to pursue one of my passions so I decided to train as a Modern Pilates teacher. (Couldn’t find any courses on chocolate or wine!).

I have been practicing Pilates for over 20 years and it has helped me in so many ways both with conditioning my body, managing stress and keeping me sane!  As I am getting older various bits and parts of my body were starting to creak and not behaving as I would like. While Pilates was helping both myself and my clients, I felt there was still something missing.

After extensive research I found The MELT Method, created by a truly inspirational lady called Sue Hitzman. I have travelled to the USA to attend trainings, and truly learn this method which really is the missing link to a healthy body.



The unique blend of MELT and Pilates has totally transformed my body I am now fitter and healthier than I have been for years, totally strong in both mind and body.

Guiding my clients to change their lives is the best job ever!


Professional Qualifications and Trainings
Registered General Nurse
Cert Ed
D32 and D33 Assessors Award

Qualifications and Courses related to the connective tissue system
MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor
MELT Method Instructor Training Level 1
MELT Method Instructor Training Level 2
MELT Method Instructor Training Level 3
MELT Method Instructor Training Level 4
MELT Method Instructor Training Level 5
MELT Method Pilates Level 1
MELT Method Pilates Level 2
Integrated Anatomy 5 day Dissection – Gil Hedley
Biotensgrity – John Sharkey, Graham Scar, Joanne Avison
Anatomy trains Level 1 – Tom Myers & James Earl’s
Anatomy trains 2 – Tom Myers & James Earl’s
Rebekah Rotstein’s Standing & Spiralling Full Body Integration
The Centre for Women’s Fitness – Myofascial Release Techniques – Carolyne Anthony

Qualifications and Courses related to Pilates
Modern Pilates Level 3 Mat Instructor
Spine Safe Reformer – Cherry Baker & Claire Wray
Fitt – Reformer
Fitt – Cadillac
Diamond PIlates – Cherry Baker & Tracy Gjersten
Modern Pilates – Spinal Conditions
Modern Pilates – Specialist Pilates – Hip & Knee
Modern Pilates – Pilates & Shoulder Stability
Modern Pilates – Diagnostics Pilates 1 – Postural Assessment & Shoulder Stability
Modern Pilates – Diagnostics Pilates 2 – Pelvis & Lower Limb
Modern Pilates – Diagnostics Pilates 3 – The Spine
Modern pilates – progressive Mat work 1
Modern Pilates – Progressive Mat work 2 – Equipment
Pilates Inspiration – Shoulder Complex Made Simple
Pilates Inspiration – Absolution and Not the Same Old Balls
Michael King & Malcolm Muirhead – Inspire Pilates Weekend

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